Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

injectSMAA v1.1

There is still much work ahead. "some dude" already warned me about GTA4's unforgiving rendering pipeline and still I wasn't able to get it right from the start.
injectSMAA v1.1 focuses on d3d9 and especially GTA4. It seems to work on my system (see screenshots).
Some people report problems with Skyrim (the screenshots look like confused RGB<->sRGB). I could not reproduce the bug on my (GeForce GTX 560 Ti) system. Maybe some modifications to SMAA.fx can help those people (like changing "SRGBTexture = true;" <-> "SRGBTexture = false;" or "SRGBWriteEnable = true;" <-> "SRGBWriteEnable = false;") but is not recommended.
For more information visit the "injectSMAA" page.


  1. I haven't had time to look at the code yet, but have you considered, that the alpha channel in Skyrim might be making it into the final image?

    This might also be the problem with Section 8: Prejudice

  2. Work fine in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory ... excelent . The problem is start the game in W7 XD , because have Starforce XD

  3. Skyrim's Steam Overlay seems to make the gamma in all textures increase by a good amount.

  4. Sadly this mod don't work on my system. The main menu where the smoke starts coming up, looks real weird, and if i wait a little it almost fills the entire screen. And in game the graphics look all out of contrast.

    Maybe it just doesn't work after patch 1.3, don't know. Really wanted to try it out.